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Bi-Monthly Newsletter for the book industry           Year 2016 - Issue 02 January 28, 2016

Introducing Kevin Terrell and Copperfield Distribution

Copperhead Distribution buys and sells closeouts and liquidations of books, dvd's, cd and other products such as games, board games, small electronics, children's books and toys, and other items of interest in the retail marketplace. They will be displaying at GABBS2016 in Atlanta, GA, March 2-4.

How did you personally get started in the bargain book business?
It was an accident.
How did Company Name get started?
I have a farm with lots copperheads. I had to get a name from somewhere.
Do you have a warehouse? If so, how large is it?
Pretty big, especially if you count the space that is marked off for the batting and pitching cages.
Do you specialize in a specific type of bargain book?
Business has been difficult for the book industry in general and the bargain book industry specifically. How have you adjusted your business to these difficult times?
Buy high. Sell low. Make up for the difference in volume.
Has technology played an important role in your business?
Absolutely. We couldn’t survive without the software we use.
Are trade shows important to your business? Please explain?
Yes. It is all about the people. Seeing people face to face is when stuff gets done. Emails, texts, and calls are fine, but my experience is when I see someone in person, things are easier to get done.
Where do you see this industry going?
I see bargain books steadily declining and eventually stabilizing, but we are a while from that happening. The publishers are more efficient about printing books, and with ebooks and print on demand services becoming more prevalent, there will be fewer excess books in the future. I expect that in 5 years, the bargain book industry “herd” will be thinned out significantly, and those left standing who have stayed a step ahead of the game will be in a good position. I just know that my 15 year old sophomore was given a chrome book by the high school, and he has only used one textbook in his two years in high school. Everything—homework, lectures, class information—is all put on a cloud drive where he can access it. He is being trained to use books on the computer. His generation will not use books, and they are 6-8 years away from being income earners. I don’t see his generation, or those younger than him, buying books nearly as much as they are used now, except as a novelty or gift.
Who is your favorite author, book, genre, etc?
Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series.
Okay, what are your favorite hobbies?
We don’t have hobbies. All of our kids play travel and high school baseball or travel and high school softball. From March til August we are nomads going from ball park to ball park. At least I have a better fastball than I did when I was 14 years old.


A Call to Bust Amazon 'Monopoly'

If Amazon’s business practices continue unchecked the result could be a “nuclear winter” for book publishing, said founder and CEO of Smashwords Mark Coker during a January 27 event called Amazon’s Book Monopoly—A Threat to Freedom of Expression? Read On!

PW Bookstore of the Year Finalists

This year’s bookstore finalists represent a broad range of general independent bookstores, both big and small. Two sales representatives are affiliated with Simon & Schuster, including a telephone sales rep, one with Hachette, and two with independent rep groups.

2016 PW Bookstore of the Year Shortlist
Books Inc. (San Francisco)
Brazos Bookstore (Houston)
Greenlight Bookstore (Brooklyn)
Phoenix Books (Essex Junction, Vt.)
Village Books (Bellingham, Wash.)

Sales of Adult Trade Up, Kids Down Through September

Helped by a strong September, sales of adult trade books rose 2.9% in the first nine months of 2015 over the comparable period in 2014, according to figures released by the Association of American Publishers through its StatShot program. Sales in the children’s/young adult segment for the nine-month period were down 7.4%, but slipped only 0.6% in September. Read On!

Second Big Nod to Children’s Books

     Frances Hardinge
For a second time in the prize’s history, The Costa Book Award has named a children’s title its Book of the Year.
The judges said that Frances Hardinge’s Victorian murder mystery The Lie Tree (Macmillan’s Children’s) would “grip readers of all ages.”

Anthony Goff promoted at Hachette

Anthony Goff has been promoted to senior vice president of content development and audio publisher at Hachette Book Group. In his new role, Goff will continue to lead product development for Hachette Audio. Read On!


BEA 2016 Reveals Programming Focus

BookExpo America (BEA) revealed its Content & Digital Conference programming with a focus on its new partnership with the American Library Association (ALA). As part of the Library Insight track, the ALA's national public awareness campaign, Libraries Transform, has joined Overdrive, Inc. in sponsoring ALA@BEA. The sessions will include Readers Advisory coverage, nurturing local writers, and working with marketing teams from the Big Five publishers to help patrons. Read On!

Kids Help Pope Francis' write a book and more...

Hot religion reading from around the web: how children helped write Pope Francis’ new book, an auction of a book of spiritual songs with connections to the Salem Witch Trials, and why the spiritual dimension of reading can help students become better writers. Read On!


The Great American Bargain Book Show is just around the corner and the SIBA, ABA and GABBS seminars have been announced. The Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance will have a full day of education on Tuesday, March 1st and will include two American Booksellers Association seminars, one on minimum wage issues and also their annual Spring Forum. It will be followed by more seminars on Wednesday and Thursday morning, including the very popular Resource Roundtable discussions, and tours of Atlanta's Americasmart and the GABBS show floor. Registration for SITS, GABBS and the seminars is open to all booksellers including independent bookstores, chains, gift shops, discount or bargain stores, hospital gift shops, used bookstores, internet bookstores and more. For more information visit
SIBA in the Springtime! Day of Education:
Exploring the Science & the Art of Bookselling
9:00-9:30 – Continental Breakfast, Welcome, and Housekeeping
9:30 - 10:30 - ABACUS South
10:45 – 12:20 – ABA Education; Topic: Minimum Wage Issues
12:30 – 2:30 PM Lunch w/ Kate DiCamilla, author of Raymie Nightingale with Q&A followed by discussion   of One Book, One South, Jr.
2:45 -4:45 PM – ABA Spring Forum
4:50 -5 PM – Ten in Ten with Shane Gottwals
In ten minutes, Master Bookseller Shane Gottwals, of Gottwals Books, will share the ten tips for making the most of the Great American Bargain Book Show.
You don’t want to miss this!
GABBS Education
Wednesday, March 2
8:45 – 10 AM The Economics of Publishing and How They Impact Booksellers
In this detailed and informative financial session, George Gibson, Publishing Director, Bloomsbury USA will walk booksellers through the Profit and Loss statement of a new trade title and, in the process, will introduce booksellers to the key financial realities of publishing and delineate the many factors that affect both the bookstore channel and consumers. Such important P&L line items as suggested retail price, production costs, marketing, and returns will be discussed, as well as broader themes that impact the day-to-day cost of publishing, including the rise of e-books and the implications on reprint decisions. ABA board member Jamie Fiocco of Flyleaf Books, NC, will moderate this session and facilitate the discussion following the presentation.
Thursday, March 3
8-10 AM Reviving the Resource Roundtable Breakfast
Enjoy continental breakfast while veteran booksellers rotate from table to table each sharing a few great ideas.
1-3 PM Field Trips to the Gift Market
Every hour, a veteran bookseller will escort a group around the Gift Market. They will share their tips and tricks and leave you wanting more. Field Trips are limited to ten people and last one hour.
Friday, March 4
9 – 11 AMField Trips to GABBS
Every hour, a veteran bookseller will escort a group around GABBS. These are booksellers who deliver affordable books at a great profit via GABBS. They will share their tips and tricks and leave you wanting more. Field Trips are limited to ten people and last one hour.
Registration Is Open !! 

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Staff .... Bargain Book News

SITS & GABBS. What is that?

Welcome back to our column in the Bargain Book News (BBN). March 1 – 4 marks the dates of SIBA in the Springtime (SITS) and the Great American Bargain Book Show (GABBS).
Imagine my delight when I discovered that SIBA in the Springtime’s acronym was SITS, and GABBS (Great American Bargain Book Show) was already GABBS! And what is better for booksellers than sitting and gabbing? It seems that when booksellers gather in real time face to face, that is when the magic happens. For all of the benefits of social networking, websites, and webinars, emailing and facetiming, nothing is more effective than gathering to sit and share the gift of gab with one other.
• Be the first to hear the results of ABACUS South. SIBA is the first region to have enough stores participate in ABACUS to be able to pull our own regions results, and SIBA President Jill Hendrix will be gabbing about the numbers and what they mean for all southern booksellers.
• Booksellers will enjoy lunch and hear Kate DiCamillobring her gift of gab about her new book – RaymieNightingale, and then we’ll all sit & gabb about the upcoming One Book, One South, Jr. event with Raymie and southern readers. Thank you Candlewick!
• The American Booksellers Association will deliver education about Minimum Wage and host their Spring Bookseller Forum!
• Sit and hear George Gibson with Jamie Fiocco gab economically about the Economics of Publishing! This popular session from #SIBA15 is being presented for booksellers at SITS & GABBS.
• Gab with veteran booksellers on your Field Trip to the Atlanta Gift Market or to the Great American Bargain Book Show.
• Do not miss this great opportunity to impact your bottom line with high margin bargain books & gift items. This event was built for both.
We’d love to see you in Atlanta in March. It’s a great event to follow Winter Institute. An easy, affordable flight into Atlanta plus a reasonable hotel rate and you can’t beat the southern hospitality. So come on down, we’ll be looking for you. Let’s sit & gabb. Register here. Email me with SITS & GABBS in the subject line and we’ll waive your $99 SITS registration fee and send you the member code.
The Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) and the Great American Bargain Book Show (GABBS) have partnered up in many ways that have proved beneficial but we mostly want our efforts to benefit booksellers and with that goal in mind, BBN has agreed to give us a little space in their popular, far-reaching newsletter. So, a few housekeeping details. We are hoping to benefit all booksellers but a few columns may be SIBA-specific and we’ll let you know up front when that’s the case. We’d also like to invite booksellers to offer up guest postsso if you have an idea or concept that you’d like to share, simply email

                       Ben Archer
GABBSAtlanta2016 is coming up soon.
Let's review the terms for this type of show!  Click Here for more!


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