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GABBS  2016 Dates Announced 

GABBS, The Great American Bargain Book Show is not only slated for early March next year, but will also take place during the week: Wednesday - Friday, March 2-4, 2016.? The Atlanta Spring Gift, Home Furnishings & Holiday Market® is changing to a weekday venue and GABBS will follow suit. Because of the traffic generated buy the mart, it makes sense to be open, not only for bookstore owners, but for general merchandising and gift stores. SIBA, the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance, will also bring back its bookstore education seminars and forums. To keep up with the latest, visit

Ebooks Are Changing the Way We Read 

 What is the ebook doing to the way we read? And how, in turn, are the changes in the way millions of us read going to affect the way novelists write? This is not just a question for academics; you only have to look at people on a beach this summer to see how influential fiction remains, and how, if its narratives were to change radically, our self-conception might also change.

Our attention spans have shortened, we’re distracted, and authors have changed their style to suit, but these changes are part of the wider digital transformation:  Read on!

Jack Black to Narrate “The Little Shop of Monsters Audiobook”

Actor Jack Black will serve as the narrator for the audiobook edition of The Little Shop of Monsters. The video embedded above features the book trailer with voice work by Black. Read on at Galley Cat.

David Shelley Appointed CEO of Little, Brown

David Shelley has been appointed Deputy CEO of Little, Brown, a role he will assume on July 1st 2015. Shelley also joined the main board of Hachette UK on January 1, 2015. Read on at Galley Cat.

Family Christian Sale Approved, Stores Will Remain Open

 U.S. Bankruptcy Judge John Gregg approved the sale of Family Christian Stores to FC Acquisition for between $52.4 million and $55.7 million on Tuesday, allowing the largest Christian retail chain in the nation to remain open after months of uncertainty.
The hearing, which lasted two hours, took place in Grand Rapids, Mich. Attorney Erich Derlacher, head council for Family Christian, outlined last-minute agreements reached Monday night and Tuesday morning between Family Christian and some of its creditors, which helped paved the way for the sale’s approval. Read on at PW.

Harlequin Makes HC's Year

 Eleven months of sales and earnings from Harlequin helped offset declines at parent company, HarperCollins. HC, which was stung by a slowdown in sales of the Divergent trilogy--which was a significant boon to the publisher's bottom line in 2014--saw a 16% increase in revenue for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2015, over fiscal 2014. Additionally, EBITDA rose 12%. Read on at PW.

Heaven Trend In Books Is Now In Theaters

Hollywood is paying close attention to bestselling books about the afterlife, especially since last year’s film “Heaven is For Real" drew $100M at the box office.
In September, Don Piper’s best-selling true story 90 Minutes In Heaven (Revell, 2004) will hit theaters starring Kate Bosworth (“Superman”) and Hayden Christensen (“Star Wars”). The book, which has sold over 7 million copies, chronicles Piper’s death, his time in heaven, return to life, and painful recuperation. Accompanying the new film adaptation, 90 Minutes in Heaven will be available in a movie tie-in edition on Sept. 1 featuring a new preface by the author. Read on at PW.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Acquires MeeGenius

 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has acquired some e-book and technology assets of MeeGenius, an e-book subscription service for children up to age eight, as part of what the company described as its "ongoing strategic focus on the direct-to-consumer market."  Read on at Shelf Awareness.

Ebooks Sold at Independent Bookstores Garner Pitiful Profits

At The Denver Post, Jessica Ianetta looked at local independent bookstores who had jumped on the ebook bandwagon, but found the results have been far from encouraging. A survey of Colorado independent bookstores reveals ebooks sales are tiny and offer just a pittance of profit — often just 50 cents a book. Arsen Kashkasian, inventory manager at Boulder Bookstore told Ianetta, “It’s not even a drop in the bucket, really. Our sales are up for the year and they’re coming from physical books.” Sales started in 2012 when the American Booksellers Association and Toronto-based Kobo Books reached an agreement that allowed member stores to sell e-books. Read more at Publishing Perspectives.

Industry Trade Shows 

  • SIBA September 18-20
  • CIROBE October 23-25, 2015
  • GABBS March 2-4, 2016

Have you hugged a writer today?

Welcome back to our new column in the Bargain Book News (BBN). SIBA will host over 125 writers next month at our annual Discovery Show and I imagine combined across all of the regional shows, there will easily be 1000 writers hoping their next book catches your attention. Shows like the fall shows coming up, Winter Institute, Book Expo America and many smaller events across the country offers opportunities to get to know writers and to build relationships that can last a lifetime. These relationships are the foundation on which this industry sits. Because it is all about the story and without these storytellers, the rest of us have little to do.

 How can these relationships work?
  • Invite local authors to introduce visiting authors at your events.
  • Ask authors to share what they are reading and post these lists on your website and on social networks.
  • If you are up for something new and exciting, try this fresh idea – Author Duels!
  • When prepping your newsletter, email a few authors and see if any would like to right a quick review of something they are reading right now.
  • Ask authors to place you on their press list and share their good news – awards won, new books placed with an agent, or a publisher – we all love good news.
  • Follow authors on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and let them know you love them.Share when their books arrive in the store or when you sell one.Just anything that gives you an opportunity to connect.Writers won’t forget who did this for them.

 Writers are often left feeling out of the loop and we need to remind ourselves and them, that without them, we have nothing, no stories, no books, no words strung together. Have you hugged a writer today?

The Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) and the Great American Bargain Book Show (GABBS) have partnered up in many ways that have proved beneficial but we mostly want our efforts to benefit booksellers and with that goal in mind, BBN has agreed to give us a little space in their popular, far-reaching newsletter. So, a few housekeeping details. We are hoping to benefit all booksellers but a few columns may be SIBA-specific and we’ll let you know up front when that’s the case. We’d also like to invite booksellers to offer up guest posts so if you have an idea or concept that you’d like to share, simply email

By Ben Archer 

Stack Them and They Will Sell
Before preparing for a customer visit, where either the customer visits me or I visit the customer, I go through a series of scenarios, thinking of what works for that customer's bookstore, what they have bought in the past, categories or authors or formats I think they miss and should buy.

Part of this preparation is printing a reorder list for my customer; however, unlike the reorder lists I actually send my customers, this one includes everything they've ordered in the past, including sold out titles. This gives me a good picture of what the customer looks for. Read On!

FREE BOOKS! A great Southern Read!

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Long Range Plan, The by Wade Tabor.
ISBN 1-877270-56-3.
Published by Hazard Press Recommended retail price $24.95.

When Cole Archer’s fiancee of four years leaves him, he quits law school and the carefully orchestrated life he’d been planning for years. He moves to Charleston, South Carolina, and takes a job at a wealthy suburban high school. In his classroom, in his depressing one-room apartment, and in Charleston’s bars and pubs Cole struggles to reassemble the pieces of his life.
But Savannah changes everything. She’s an alluring 17-year-old in his English class, a student who balances schoolwork and her job with the rearing of her little brothers, while her mother bounces in and out of relationships and rehab centers. As Cole’s feelings for her begin to grow beyond anything allowed in the classroom, Savannah’s drive to break free of her life of want and need proves unparalleled, and when she turns to Cole for help he’s unable to say no.
The Long-Range Plan is a love story, and it is also a novel of suspense, as Cole and the reader begin to realize that Savannah has an agenda of her own.
Soft cover, published in 2004.    $20 per carton to pay for shipping. (2 Pallets available!)
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